Let me make this clear, we’re moving on from here to a time where we don’t have to live in fear of the officials who are supposed to represent us, who ignore us until we start to protest, fuss and cuss!!

Aren’t you tired of living in TERROR, TIRED OF LIVING IN FEAR?
Then Rise up and Toss these Soggy, Sacs of Sawdust outta here!!!

I keep asking, “What’s AFFORDABLE?” But they don’t want to answer because that’s a Recordable;
Of their deads and actions, backroom factions, Crooked dealings and and late night interactions!

So I say to you , who know and do:
What are you Prepared to do in 2022?!

It’s Time for All of you to Stand with me, and let your Voices ring as we Sing For that Brand New Day: LINE A GET OUT THE WAY, LINE A GET OUT THE WAY, LINE A GET OUT THE WAY!